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Guilt free “HEALTHY ” Smoothie😆

So ….now that summer is coming in who doesn’t like to sip on a tasty ice smoothie .

To feel cool and quinch your taste buds also not having to feel guilty about it especially for my calorie counting pals *(high 5 )*

Jokes aside … I made this amazing smoothie it not just tastes delicious but is so healthy and a meal replacement that’s how fulling 1 glass can be

So getting to the fun stuff

Ingredients :
1 medium banana (split in half )
1/2 cup pineapple (cut in cubes )
2 cubes Ice
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 scoop herbex slimmers shake (optional )

Method :

Throw everything into a blender
Blend until a thick consistency

And u ready to drink …..mwah


That’s mine loved it so so much deliciousness 😍

Kristen moodley


#beauty tip “MULTI MASKING”

I’ve seen  a lot of people post comments to different you tubers or bloggers content regarding that they have to spend so much time in the bathroom do in mask after mask and exfoliating and cleansing and the list goes on lol…so my quick little tip which I’ve actually tried and it works amazingly is…..

If u have 2 or more masks to apply as part of your daily routine

Apply the 1st mask on you face rinse of your hands and then add the next mask on top of the first one and repeat this process depending on how many masks u have and consider waiting time on all masks if each says 10/15 minutes then in total just rinse off your entire face after that time period

And not  forgetting rinse off any mask with luke warm water

Have a super weekend


Kristen moodley

“STROBING” make up

So I have noticed a lot of talk on the Internet, magerzines and social media sites like twitter & instagram regarding “STROBING” Make up. It’s talk that contouring is out and in is strobing. I’ve read that strobing is the brilliant new face sculpting hack for the lazy girls, but in my honest opinion , from what I’ve read it’s basically alot of highlighting and NO contouring .


Instead of rounding up your best shading hues, dig out all your illuminating products. Strobing focuses exclusively on highlighter, applied where light would naturally hit your face (so, your cheekbones, brow bones, the center of your forehead, down your nose, and on your chin.) Dabbing on these soft, shimmery shades will make your complexion look radiant, fresh, and healthy while giving you an ethereal oomph that is sure to turn heads. The best part? Your skin won’t feel suffocated by layers and layers of makeup in the Summer heat because you’re only using one extra product.

IN my personal opinion I will still continue my normal highlight and contour routine , but I will give strobing a try during the summer time because it is a very glowy  look .

I’ve attached  a few pictures for examples of what strobing make up looks like

I will also do a strobing make up tutorial on my YouTube channel and I will post a blog with pictures of my look and more details along with the link to the video

Stay tuned 🙂



Kristen moodley

update on tutorials

Hi everyone

So I do apologise  that I did not update my blog on my last 2 videos but here it is 😆 link to video & products used will be listed below

Easy eyeliner

Products used

Eyeliner : KR pot eyeliner + brush  used included when u purchase  your eyeliner

Orange & copper make up look

Products used

Galaxy chic palette

Hope u enjoy

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autumn / fall make up look inspired by essence HELLO AUTUMN palette

fFinally it’s autumn & it’s soon leaving us so I thought I’d do a tutorial on a autumn/ fall make up look

Inspired by the essence HELLO AUTUMN eyeshadow palette that I’ve recently  purchased

Products used


Fondation : Elizabeth  arden

Concealer : essence cover stick

Powder : Elizabeth arden

Blush : Avon (russet)


essence palette

2nd shade on lids

3rd shade outter  corner of lid

2nd shade green crease

Mascara : essence get big lashes volume mascara


Brown lip liner

Nude gloss

Check out the video

Enjoy ☺

Mac palette REVIEW


Love , love , love

This is my 1st mac palette and i love it .It as everything  you could need in a palette …neutrals , colours , matt colours & shimmery colours . They are so pigmented which  I love. Most eyeshadows  you will either need to wet your brush in water  , eye drops or fix + to get the colour really pigmented

But with these colours u dont need to every single colour light or dark are all pigmented  .

I’ve done a smokey eye with this palette for a function  and I love the way it came out .

Simply amazing and it’s a product worth investing in .

I’ve purchased mine from


I will list her info below

A lovely lady , very friendly excellent customer service & delivery to the T

Ameera shaiks online beauty store :

That’s her email contact her for more info

I will do a video on this palette soon stay tuned

Mwahs luv bugs Continue reading “Mac palette REVIEW”

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